SQL Business Intelligence Boot Camp : Course Contents

Module Name Section Name
1 SQL Server SQL Server Development Tools
2 SQL Server Query Editor Features
3 SQL Server Working with Tables
4 SQL Server Selecting and Grouping Data
5 SQL Server Constraints
6 SQL Server Limiting and Sorting Data
7 SQL Server System Functions
8 SQL Server Working with Variables
9 SQL Server User Defined Function
10 SQL Server Implementation and Best Practices for Temporary Data Structures
11 SQL Server Combining Data from Multiple Sources - Joins
12 SQL Server Developing and Implementing Stored Procedures
13 SQL Server Creating and Managing View and Triggers
14 SQL Server SQL Review
15 SSRS Introduction to the SSRS Architecture
16 SSRS Charts and Graphs
17 SSRS Tables Matrix and Drilldowns
18 SSRS Parameters
19 SSRS Subreports and Drillthrough
20 SSRS Report Manager and Report Automation
21 SSIS Extract, Transformation and Load Basics
22 SSIS Variables & Expressions
23 SSIS Data Profiling
24 SSIS Auditing & Error Handling
25 SSIS Package Design Considerations
26 SSIS Package Deployment & Storage
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